Daily Archives: March 18, 2014


After a short prayer you fill up with some kind of security and continue with that confidence that somebody “up there” keeps an eye on your life – unless you are an atheist. A rebel who took a vow becoming godless; someone who straightened his fist in a battle between science and religion; a member in a congregation of the unseen with a raised eyebrow in front of the Faith and the Holy. Once you do not have a God to believe in, then you can be considered as a true independent soldier of this trifling planet. This… atheism… is somehow a religion, isn’t it? A wretched ‘religion’ rising you at a high standard of self-dependence and freedom, but full of loneliness, surrounded by the miserable reality. No Divinity. Too many rules the Bible has, you would say. Acceptable theories, I would say. No scorn for anybody. As far as atheists are concerned, not only Christians seem to take them as persons to look down on, but… what if I say no? Read my word: no. And you were strong enough to leave Him behind. Now, you are lonely in a tricky world, you can’t count on anyone else, but yourself and other insignificant human beings. I admire you.