Inception of burning paper

Dear Sugarplum,
This is not a beginning, but a continuance of something that has never existed.
I gazed all day long at a random dot with my thoughts all abroad. Not too far though.

“No, no, no, that’s not a good start.”

Dear Sugarplum,
The first time I saw you, the expression of your face – and laugh and you on the whole – scared me to death. This lasted a long, long period. I don’t find you awkward anymore, but you didn’t acquited of the “fishy” label. Fishy. And stubborn, and adulator, and pretty weird. All these just deceive me, so I keep some distance. I’m amazed how much time changed my mind.

“No, another wrong way to start…”

Dear Sugarplum,
Life’s unfair because you have to wait.


Dear Sugarplum,
I just wanted to say “Dear Sugarplum”.

“Good job, genius. I’ll try another day…”

Meanwhile, set everything on fire.


love burns

Prima parte: Unsent Letter

A treia parte: Scrisoare: Oglinzi Paralele

A. M.

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